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Seven healthcare industry trends to watch in 2020

What issues will matter for the healthcare industry in the United States through the year and into the 2020s?


Transformative healthcare growth through diversification

Five lessons to consider when moving beyond your core business


Provider scale strategies: A 2018 update on the evolving landscape

M&A remains an important option for health systems, but targets and strategies are shifting. While traditional economies of scale will continue to be a strong stimulus for M&A, providers will likely seek and achieve value creation much differently in the future.


The new scale imperative for children's hospitals

Recent trends are changing the scale equation for children’s hospitals. However, the right new approach for each hospital will depend on its needs and strategic aspirations.


Against the odds: How payors can succeed under persistent uncertainty

The US health insurance industry continues to be defined by uncertainty. The 25 articles in this compendium can help health insurers navigate the changes ahead.

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When M&A is not the best option for hospitals

Historically, larger scale has offered hospital systems a number of advantages; however, reform and other market changes are altering the scale equation for hospital systems.

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Bigger may not be better: Does scale matter for payors?

Whether scale brings competitive advantage to payors is a topic of hot debate. This post challenges standard assumptions about scale and sheds light on how to achieve desired value.


Riding the next wave of payor M&A

Regulatory changes and the economic recession have disrupted the U.S. healthcare industry, threatening to erode the advantages of market leaders. As many payors turn to M&A strategy, its imperative for them to understand the inherent risks and the factors that guide M&A success.


The post-reform health system: Meeting the challenges ahead

This series of articles examines transformational imperatives specific to health systems in the post-reform era, drawing on extensive work with healthcare stakeholders across the value chain.


The smarter scale equation

Given today’s realities, health systems must look beyond the traditional economies of scale if they want to reap the full benefits of M&A. They must consider other economies that M&A can offer, commit themselves fully to the effort, and execute flawlessly.