Topic Integrated care


Why social determinants matter for children’s health: An interview with Michael Fisher

The president and CEO of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital explains how social determinants of health (e.g., education, housing, social support) affect children’s health outcomes, and how organizations that invest and intervene early can generate both near- and long-term value.


To succeed in a healthcare transformation, focus on organizational health

In transformations, healthcare providers and payers must attend to their organizational health, not just their short-term performance.


Promoting an overdue digital transformation in healthcare

Research from over 30 countries offers insight into providing digital healthcare, including practical steps for key stakeholders.


Finding the future of care provision: the role of smart hospitals

Smart hospitals make extensive use of innovative technologies to improve care quality and patient experience while reducing costs.


The era of exponential improvement in healthcare?

Technology-driven innovation holds the potential to improve our understanding of patients, enable the delivery of more convenient, individualized care—and create $350 billion–$410 billion in annual value by 2025.