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Hospital networks: Perspective from three years of exchanges

We analyzed every individual exchange hospital network across the U.S., and here’s what we learned.


Healthcare’s digital future

Insights from our international survey can help healthcare organizations plan their next moves in the journey toward full digitization.


Why understanding medical risk is key to US health reform

The United States has a great opportunity to restrain the cost of its healthcare system, improve medical outcomes, and ease the financial and psychological burden on US consumers.


Accounting for the cost of US healthcare: A new look at why Americans spend more (2008)

At the time of publication, the United States spent $650 billion more on healthcare than expected, even when adjusting for the economy’s relative wealth. This report examines the underlying trends and key drivers of these higher costs.


Three imperatives for improving US healthcare

Making healthcare more affordable is the key to making the US system sustainable. Bringing the three largest sources of underlying costs and their growth under control is necessary.


Why Americans pay more for healthcare

The United States spends more on healthcare than comparable countries do and more than its wealth would suggest. Here’s how—and why.