Provider Research, Reform

Exchange Offering Database

The Exchange Offering Database offers a granular view of all individual exchange products and their provider networks across the country from 2014-2016. It also includes pre-OEP 2017 data based on publicly available information and pre-reform benchmarks.

Specifically, the database includes the following:

  • County-level carrier and product information
    • Carrier participation status (incumbent, new entrant, withdrawn) and carrier detail (carrier type, parent company) across 250+ carriers each year
    • 800,000+ county-level ACA-compliant on-exchange products (premium, benefit design, provider network breadth)
  • Plan-level benefit design detail
    • Deductibles (medical and Rx)
    • Maximum out-of-pocket
    • Cost-sharing design for PCP, Specialist, Inpatient, Outpatient, ER, Urgent Care, lab, Xray, imaging, drugs (generic, preferred, specialty), and out of network coverage
    • Formulary design for select cities
  • Plan-level network design detail
    • 2,000+ unique exchange hospital networks in 2014 and >2,500 in 2015 and 2016, including tiering information
    • 4,500+ acute care hospitals in U.S., including 373 health systems and 301 Academic Medical Centers, and key data on each (e.g., hospital bed size, capacity, market share, CMS quality metrics)
    • Supplemental information co-branded exchange relationships across years between payors and providers
    • Pharmacy and physician network data for select cities
  • Other
    • QHP-eligible population by rating area based on granular market coverage model (MPACT), with key demographics of each consumer (age, income, health status, legal status, race, employment status)
    • Zero-net-premium eligibility for the US population