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Tom Latkovic

Tom is the leader of our Healthcare Value work in the Americas. He serves a diverse mix of nonprofit, for-profit, and government healthcare institutions, collaborating to improve their strategic, organizational, and operational performance. In addition, Tom has supported retail pharmacies, hospitals, state governments, and other providers in efforts to improve healthcare outcomes and offer services at lower total cost.

Actively engaged in our research in the healthcare sector, Tom has directed initiatives on payment innovation, contracting, and network design. He recently led research on the transition of the healthcare industry from a wholesale to a retail orientation, focusing on the need for providers and payors alike to understand consumer preferences and decision making. Tom has spoken frequently on the impact of US healthcare reform on the individual health insurance market.

Tom is a member of the Center for Corporate Innovation’s (CCI) Healthcare CEO Roundtable, speaks frequently at industry events (including AHIP, NICHM, and the S&P Annual Insurance Conference), and has contributed to numerous healthcare reform panels.