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Rodney Zemmel

Rodney W. Zemmel is the Managing Partner for McKinsey & Company in the Northeast (New York, Boston, and Stamford). He was previously leader of our Healthcare Systems and Services Practice. He advises clients across the healthcare spectrum, working with leading companies in pharmaceuticals, health insurance and healthcare-benefit management, as well as hospital systems and academic medical centers. He also serves clients across industries on growth strategy.

Rodney has helped develop strategies for clients responding to major market disruptions, such as US healthcare reform, and R&D productivity challenges. He has worked extensively on mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, organizational transformation, and post-merger integrations. He has also supported launch and growth strategies for a number of leading products in the United States, Europe, and Japan, helping deliver important benefits to patients and improved business results for clients. He has led McKinsey’s support for a number of private-equity clients investing in healthcare.

Rodney has authored articles in leading business and healthcare publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Nature Drug Discovery, and In Vivo on the topics of R&D and innovation. He contributes to research efforts by the McKinsey Global Institute and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Rodney received his PhD in molecular biology and BA in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge (Trinity College), UK. He recently published the articles “Changing the nature of board engagement” (McKinsey Quarterly, April 2015) and “Invention reinvented” (McKinsey perspectives on pharmaceutical R&D, 2010).