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Jessica Lamb

Jessica Lamb is a Partner in McKinsey’s New Jersey office. Since joining in 2008, she has served clients across the healthcare industry, including pharmaceuticals, payors, and providers. Her work has primarily been targeted at creating healthcare value, with a focus in the payor space on using network strategy to provide access to more affordable care and in the provider space on building new go-to-market capabilities to transition to more value-based payment models and take on risk.

Jessica’s recent work includes creating a value network strategy and development support for a local payor, starting from decision to introduce a value network through go-to-market approach with providers. She also created a long-term healthcare value strategy, working to develop a sustainable model for the payor to partner with major health systems to bend overall health care costs. And finally, she created a value-based care strategy developing organization for a national provider system to identify, develop, and launch required capabilities.

Jessica received a BA degree in engineering and economics and BE degree in biomedical engineering from Dartmouth College. Before joining McKinsey, Jessica conducted laboratory research in nanoparticle hyperthermia for cancer treatment at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.