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Florian Niedermann

Florian Niedermann is a Partner in McKinsey’s Stuttgart office. Florian leads the European effort for digital/technology and technical excellence in private payors. He has spent almost his entire time in consulting serving healthcare and insurance institutions on diverse topics from distribution over underwriting to claims to entire healthcare reforms. His specific focus topics in the space are the effects digital has on payors and how it transforms the experience for the customer as well as how private payors can majorly improve their performance through a combination of rigor and innovation in technical excellence.

Florian received a PhD in computer science & data mining from University of Stuttgart (Germany), MSc in information systems & computer science from University of Stuttgart (Germany) and University of Western Ontario (Canada), and BSc in information systems from University of Stuttgart (Germany). Recent articles of Florian’s include “Winning in private health insurance through technical excellence” (McKinsey & Company, April 2017) and “Healthcare’s digital future” (McKinsey & Company, July 2014).