OrgLab is a tech-enabled solution that unlocks hidden insights in HR data,  enables users to visualize new org design scenarios, and empowers business leaders with tools and capabilities to make effective organizational decisions.

It is valuable for a number of critical organizational objectives, including rapid cost reduction, strategic growth planning, mergers and divestitures, talent deployment, and overall streamlining for efficiency & effectiveness.

Unlock hidden data insights with OrgLab Diagnostics

  • Clean your HR data to create an accurate record of the organization
  • Baseline organizational size, cost, and spans by business area
  • Identify specific cost reduction or growth opportunities (typically 15-30% cost savings identified, which can be re-deployed for growth)

Explore the possibilities with OrgLab Design

  • Build org structures with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Identify and place high-performing employees in critical roles
  • Explore and compare design scenarios with real-time analytics
  • Reduce administrative hassle with a digital record of the future state organization

OrgLab's solution approach combines innovative software and proprietary McKinsey team expertise. It also offers unique delivery models such as capability-building bootcamps for business leaders, and interactive org design and talent draft workshops. The advanced design interface gives senior leaders a clear view of the emerging overall design, while delegating detailed design responsibility to the managers who know their areas best. In addition, it helps identify headcount imbalances, functional redundancies, excess management layers, and a host of other issues.

The end results? Greater employee engagement and ownership throughout the transformation. Significant reduction in time and administrative burden required to execute and track organizational changes. Most importantly, the ability to move beyond short-term cost reductions towards achieving longer-term strategic aspirations.

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