Organizational Health Index (OHI)

The OHI measures and tracks the elements of organizational effectiveness that are directly related to financial and operational performance and offers actionable insights into areas of improvement. Because the OHI provides hard measures for “soft” issues, it can help executives bring lasting change to the mind-sets and behaviors that affect the bottom line.

The OHI includes a comprehensive health assessment to help companies build a customized road map to enhance long-term performance. Distinct modules provide flexibility to customize health management to an organization’s evolving needs. The OHI enables companies to:

  • Measure health using an online survey to diagnose strengths and weaknesses that directly affect performance
  • Define “signature” combinations of health management practices tailored to strategy and prioritize key areas for improvement
  • Develop interventions and define road maps in action-planning workshopss
  • Implement targeted actions to improve health in key areas
  • Embed health optimization into performance-management cycles through “pulse checks” and interactive course-correction sessions

A company’s OHI score provides the single best predictor of its future performance capacity. In addition, specific elements within the overall score can help a company identify management-practice-based “recipes for success” that will enable it to improve its health relative to its peers.