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Planning for the future of healthcare—Marc Harrison, President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare

Marc Harrison, President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare shares his perspective on overcoming challenges and his leadership priorities with Brendan Buescher, Senior Partner, McKinsey and Company.


Next-generation analytics meets first principles

As more data about individuals with special care needs becomes available, the latest innovations in data analytics can be used to transform care delivery for them in a financially sustainable way.


The new scale imperative for children's hospitals

Recent trends are changing the scale equation for children’s hospitals. However, the right new approach for each hospital will depend on its needs and strategic aspirations.


The granularity of Medicaid MCO growth

Despite present uncertainties, MCO leaders can still aspire to grow—and make decisions to support that aspiration. Our research shows that the key sources of growth for Medicaid MCOs are strategic, not operational.


Want organizational health? Embrace the agility paradox

Agility requires organizations to be dynamic and stable. Master agility, and you’ll be equipped to meet the demands of a turbulent healthcare environment. Don’t, and you’ll be left behind.


Artificial intelligence in health insurance: Smart claims management with self-learning software

At health insurers, artificial intelligence can strengthen claims management by systematically identifying and correcting errors while avoiding ineffective interventions.