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Digitizing healthcare—opportunities for Germany

Society is aging and healthcare costs keep rising. By digitizing the system, health services can be provided at lower cost and higher quality. A new study reveals the areas for and extent of potential improvements.


The silent shapers of healthcare services

The US healthcare services industry is at a tipping point, but who—or what—is driving the undercurrents of change?


Why we need bolder action to combat the opioid epidemic

Although the opioid crisis in the US is gaining increased attention, the steps taken to date to combat it are insufficient. Our research suggests that much broader—and bolder—action is required.


Using machine learning to unlock value across the healthcare value chain

Machine learning is transforming the healthcare industry by changing the way care is delivered, and its impact is poised to increase.


Assessing the Medicare Advantage Star Ratings

Since Star Ratings were introduced a decade ago, average MA plan performance has improved, quality standards have risen, and more people are enrolled in higher-quality plans.


2017 Individual exchange market consumer research findings

McKinsey’s latest research suggests that although the market for individual insurance appears more stable from the consumer point of view, opportunities remain to encourage people to obtain coverage.