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The hospital is dead, long live the hospital!

Hospital care is changing both rapidly and radically. Because of innovations in care delivery and organisational structures, future hospitals are likely to be very different from those of today.


The era of exponential improvement in healthcare?

Technology-driven innovation holds the potential to improve our understanding of patients, enable the delivery of more convenient, individualized care—and create $350 billion–$410 billion in annual value by 2025.


Addressing the social determinants of health: Capturing improved health outcomes and ROI for state Medicaid programs

The social determinants of health (SDoH) strongly contribute to variations in health status. Addressing SDoH can help ensure access to high-quality care, improve outcomes, and manage costs.


Insights from the McKinsey 2019 Consumer Social Determinants of Health Survey

Survey findings shed light on how social determinants of health affect healthcare utilization rates and consumers interest in social program offerings.


How providers can best confront the reality of value-based care

Value-based care models are becoming increasingly important for health systems. Implemented well, they can improve system economics, enhance care quality and outcomes, and strengthen physician alignment.


Maximizing the “value” in value networks and value-based payment

Value networks and value-based payment are usually implemented independently, limiting their effectiveness. Greater alignment of these strategies can allow payers to unlock their transformative potential.