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The future of healthcare: Finding the opportunities that lie beneath the uncertainty

Healthcare is a dynamic industry with significant opportunity, but cost concerns, uncertainty, and complexity can also make it an unnerving one. Substantial upside exists for players that can deliver value-creating solutions and thrive under uncertainty.


Spinning customer insights into business gold

Few healthcare organizations fully leverage customer insights to drive decision making and performance. Here’s how you can translate that data into concrete business initiatives.


The Medicaid Agency of the Future: What capabilities and leadership will it need?

Medicaid’s scale and complexity are unprecedented. State Medicaid leaders will need to innovate if they are to develop the capabilities that will enable them to steer their agencies into the future.


Planning for the future of healthcare: a conversation with Benjamin Breier, President and CEO, Kindred Healthcare

Benjamin Breier, President and CEO, Kindred Healthcare shares his perspective on major trends in US healthcare and the value of an integrated approach with Shubham Singhal, Senior Partner, McKinsey and Company.


In the healthcare industry, profit pool growth has varied widely over the past five years

Growth, major changes, and strong value-creation potential make healthcare an exciting industry. At the same time, uncertainty and complexity make it an unnerving one.


The Quality Payment Program under MACRA: Strategic implications for providers and payers

Performance measurement for the Quality Payment Program (QPP) has begun. Although 2017 is a transition year, providers and payors need to start planning for the future, given the QPP’s implications for them.