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Dr. Kurt Grote

Senior Partner

Kurt Grote is a Senior Partner in McKinsey’s Seattle office and a senior leader in McKinsey’s North American Healthcare Systems and Services Practice. He has over 15 years of healthcare experience and has worked with CEOs and top teams of the largest healthcare providers in the US and across North America to improve performance with a focus on improving patient outcomes, accelerating throughput, and optimizing labor and supply deployment. Kurt also focuses on transforming health system strategies to respond to emerging market dynamics (e.g., healthcare reform).

Kurt’s extensive research work has focused on physician-system alignment, clinical quality enhancement, and health system performance in the face of healthcare reform. Kurt has led the firm’s work on partnering with physicians to drive excellence in clinical operations.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Kurt served as captain of the US National Swim Team and was an Olympic Gold Medalist in the 1996 Games, and in the 1998 World Championships. During this period, he worked with major pharmaceutical companies to promote swimming as part of a treatment regimen for asthmatic children.

Kurt received his MD and BS in human biology degrees from Stanford University. Recent articles of Kurt’s include “Creating and sustaining change in nursing care delivery” (McKinsey & Company, May 2013) and “Clinical Operations Excellence: Unlocking a Hospital's True Potential” (McKinsey & Company, May 2013).