Consumer Health Insights (CHI) Survey

This unique annual survey provides information on the opinions, preferences, and behaviors of more than 14,500 consumers, as well as the environmental factors that influence their healthcare choices. The survey also enables insights into the current market environment and can be used to make predictions about the choices and trade-offs consumers are likely to make in the post-reform environment.

The CHI collects descriptive information on all individuals who participate in the survey and their households. It also assesses shopping behaviors; attitudes regarding health, healthcare, and the purchase and use of healthcare services; awareness of health reform; opinions about shopping for individual health insurance and using an insurance exchange; preferences for specific plan designs (including trade-offs among coverage features, such as benefits, network, ancillaries, service options, cost sharing, brand, and price); employee perceptions of the employer’s role in healthcare coverage; attitudes about a broad range of related supplemental insurance products; opinions, use, and loyalty levels regarding healthcare providers; and attitudes and behaviors regarding pharmaceuticals and pharmacies.

We supplement the information from the CHI with data from other sources, such as information on a consumer’s estimated lifetime value to a payor, consumer behavior, and marketplace conditions. This combination provides a holistic view of healthcare consumers that is not available through other means.

We have used CHI data in a range of customized analyses that address both current and post-reform healthcare issues. We expect that payors and others will primarily use the information in applications that assist with product design, marketing strategies, consumer segmentation, consumer targeting, network configuration design, and assessment of new channel opportunities.