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Automation at scale: The benefits for payers

Process automation at scale is now feasible for most payers. When coupled with other next-generation digital tools, we estimate that it may enable many payers to reduce operational costs by up to 30 percent within five years.


Promoting an overdue digital transformation in healthcare

Research from over 30 countries offers insight into providing digital healthcare, including practical steps for key stakeholders.


Recession and resilience: Preparing healthcare leaders for the next economic downturn

Economic ebbs and flows are called “cycles” for a reason. The challenge for healthcare leaders is not whether the next downturn will occur—it’s whether you’re ready for it.


Omnichannel consumer interactions—a payer perspective

Omnichannel interactions are fundamentally improving the consumer experience in many industries. Payers should act now to keep up with rising consumer expectations.


For better healthcare claims management, think “digital first”

Although end-to-end digital claims management is still a distant vision, much can be gained from digitizing portions of the claims process today.


Finding the future of care provision: the role of smart hospitals

Smart hospitals make extensive use of innovative technologies to improve care quality and patient experience while reducing costs.