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Next-generation contracting: Managed Medicaid for individuals with special or supportive care needs

This new framework can help states improve their ability to design and contract for managed Medicaid programs for these individuals—and maximize the programs’ likelihood of success.


Navigating the uncertainty of potential ACA ‘repeal and replace’: A preliminary analysis

The findings in this Intelligence Brief provide an introductory perspective on how the next US administration and Congressional Republicans may approach altering the ACA and related legislation. The information is based on publicly reported information released through December 8, 2016. Our Reform Center team is continuing to refresh this perspective on a real-time basis and is closely analyzing potential implications and economic impacts for each policy element under a full range of scenarios.


Improving care delivery to individuals with special or supportive care needs

What states, private payors, providers, and technology companies are doing to control costs and improve outcomes for individuals with behavioral health conditions or in need of long-term services and support, including those with intellectual or developmental needs.


Transitions in coverage type are the norm for most consumers over time

New McKinsey research shows that changes in health insurance type are a common event for most Americans.


The granularity of managed Medicaid growth

What’s the path to growth for MCOs?


Medicaid & CHIP enrollment update

Observations based on analysis of Medicaid/CHIP enrollment estimates through December 2014.


One-on-one with Tom Betlach: Medicaid Sustainability

Eliminate fragmentation in the Medicaid delivery system, and you free up funds for other state spending priorities.


Reform Center video series: Medicaid

From 2012 to 2019, Medicaid enrollment is projected to grow by 9-15M lives (16-26%), and by the end of the period managed Medicaid is expected to cover ~80% of enrollees.


Understanding and engaging a new era of Medicaid consumers

A new McKinsey survey offers payors, providers, and state governments a way to understand key differences among Medicaid consumers— differences that have important implications for how to engage current and potential enrollees effectively.


The impact of expanded coverage on hospital utilization

For most health systems, the one-time impact of expanded insurance coverage on utilization will be small but significant. Systems that can capture a substantial share of the increase in utilization may gain a competitive advantage.