Topic Individual insurance


Potential impact of individual market reforms

A wide range of changes to stabilize the individual market have been proposed. This special report examines the impact some of the initiatives could have on claims costs and enrollment by the uninsured.


Navigating the uncertainty of potential ACA ‘repeal and replace’: A preliminary analysis

The findings in this Intelligence Brief provide an introductory perspective on how the next US administration and Congressional Republicans may approach altering the ACA and related legislation. The information is based on publicly reported information released through December 8, 2016. Our Reform Center team is continuing to refresh this perspective on a real-time basis and is closely analyzing potential implications and economic impacts for each policy element under a full range of scenarios.


Understanding consumer preferences can help capture value in the individual market

As consumers gain experience purchasing health insurance in the individual market, their attitudes are evolving—and so is the market. McKinsey’s 2016 Individual Market Open Enrollment Period Consumer Survey reveals the changes.


Transitions in coverage type are the norm for most consumers over time

New McKinsey research shows that changes in health insurance type are a common event for most Americans.


Exchange performance: Three years in

Three years in, the public exchange market is still in flux. Here’s a look at financial performance to-date.


2016 Individual Exchange Rates

Based on nationwide 2016 individual exchange rates, here are overall and state-by-state insights on carrier participation, price leadership shifts, gross premium changes, and the impact of subsidies on 2016 rates.


2016 exchange market remains in flux: Plan type trends

Facts on the shift toward HMOs on the public exchanges.


Debunking common myths about healthcare consumerism

As consumers take an increasingly active role in healthcare decision making, payors and providers need an accurate understanding of how healthcare consumerism is playing out. Using data from surveys of thousands of people across the U.S., we debunk eight of the most common myths circulating in the industry.


Health insurance enrollment and revenue shifts 2013-2014: An emerging story

Between 2013 and 2014 absolute enrollment and revenue grew by 17 million lives and $86 billion respectively.


2016 exchange market remains in flux: Pricing trends

Despite higher increases in lowest-price plan gross premiums this year, a greater share of consumers are seeing less expensive lowest-price silver net premiums.


2016 exchange market remains in flux: Evolution of carriers and offerings

The mix of carriers and plans is continuing to change, with nearly half of consumers seeing a new entrant, and plan types becoming more managed.


Exchange-eligible consumers heading into OEP

As we near the 2016 OEP, outreach and retention efforts are ramping up. Understanding the different consumer segments is critical for driving uptake.


The emerging story on new entrants to the individual health insurance exchanges

How the competitive landscape on the public exchanges is continuing to unfold


Insights into Hispanics’ enrollment on the health insurance exchanges

New McKinsey research sheds light on why Hispanic enrollment rates continue to be low – and how these numbers could be improved.


Hospital networks: Evolution of the configurations on the 2015 exchanges

Updated 2015 network data, including a comparison of networks offered on the 2014 and 2015 exchanges, insights into how networks’ pricing structures are evolving, and insurer and provider participation.


2015 Individual Exchange product information

State-by-state data and analysis on approved 2015 products offered on federal and state Individual exchanges


2015 OEP: Emerging trends in the individual exchanges

An analysis of the 2015 exchange landscape, with a view to gaining a preliminary understanding of how the 2015 OEP will differ.


Individual market enrollment: Updated view

The latest round of our national survey of QHP-eligible consumers tells a story of deeper engagement than previous surveys.


Exchange product benefit design: Consumer responsibility and value consciousness

This intel brief examines the benefit designs of the new exchange products and their potential impact on consumers, carriers, and providers.


Individual market enrollment: Early assessments

Our fourth intelligence brief on exchange dynamics shares observations of the individual market through the mid-point of open enrollment.


Hospital networks: Configurations on the exchanges and their impact on premiums

Our third intelligence brief on ACA exchange dynamics sets forth five observations based on analysis of new network configurations across 20 urban rating areas.


Exchanges go live: Early trends in exchange dynamics

Our second brief on exchange dynamics is based on a comprehensive analysis of all exchange offerings across the entire US—more than 21,000 unique qualified health plans filed on the public exchanges in all rating areas.


Emerging exchange dynamics: Temporary turbulence or sustainable market disruption?

This brief comprises an initial set of analyses regarding the structure, competitive dynamics, and pricing on the exchanges, and their implications.