Topic Corporate finance


Evolution of provider economics and identity

Changes in provider economics are requiring them to rethink their sustainable valuable propositions. Here’s how.


Capturing returns in healthcare

New research finds that the healthcare sector has been very good to private equity, especially payor and pharmaceutical services. And specialist firms seem to have an edge over generalists.


Where to compete in a post-reform world

Payors today must carefully select which markets to focus on—both within health insurance and in adjacent businesses. To determine this, they need insights into where growth and margin can be earned, the foresight to determine when market inflection points might happen, a clear view of their competitive advantages and capabilities, the fortitude to make tough resource allocation decisions, and the agility to alter course as the market shifts.


Riding the next wave of payor M&A

Regulatory changes and the economic recession have disrupted the U.S. healthcare industry, threatening to erode the advantages of market leaders. As many payors turn to M&A strategy, its imperative for them to understand the inherent risks and the factors that guide M&A success.


Service-line strategies for US hospitals

All signs point to a more specialized future for US hospitals. But getting from here to there won’t be easy.