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Rick Schlesinger

Senior Partner

Rick Schlesinger, a Senior Partner in McKinsey’s New Jersey office, has extensive experience in healthcare, where he has focused his efforts for the past 30-plus years. He spends the majority of his time working with health plans, PBMs, and hospitals systems on issues of strategy, performance improvement, and organization.

Recently, Rick has worked on a number of projects including developing a comprehensive 5-year strategy for leading for-profit hospital company, a multi-year performance improvement effort for a leading AMC, and the development and implementation of a new organization structure for regional health insurer.

In addition to consulting, Rick was chief marketing officer and ran the managed care operations for Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Also a venture capitalist for five years, he invested in startup and early-stage healthcare companies focused on disease management, practice management, and physician clinical decision support software.  

Rick received his MBA from Harvard University and a BA in mathematics from Pomona College.