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How tech-enabled consumers are reordering the healthcare landscape

Consumers’ accountability for healthcare spending is increasing, and more than a thousand companies are developing new digital/mobile technologies that should allow consumers to take greater control over their healthcare choices. This combination may disrupt the industry’s migration toward larger, more integrated systems and put almost $300 billion—primarily, incumbent revenues—into play.


Improving care delivery to individuals with special or supportive care needs

What states, private payors, providers, and technology companies are doing to control costs and improve outcomes for individuals with behavioral health conditions or in need of long-term services and support, including those with intellectual or developmental needs.


Transitions in coverage type are the norm for most consumers over time

New McKinsey research shows that changes in health insurance type are a common event for most Americans.


Clinically integrated networks: Can they create value?

Although structurally simple to create, clinically integrated networks (CINs) are difficult to get right. Health systems considering establishing CINs must think through what it truly takes to create value through these entities and then make sure they have designed the CINs appropriately.


Evolution of provider economics and identity

Changes in provider economics are requiring them to rethink their sustainable valuable propositions. Here’s how.