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Where to compete in today’s healthcare market

To select which markets to focus on—both within health insurance and in adjacent businesses—payors must have strong market insights, the fortitude to make tough decisions, and the agility to alter course rapidly.


Why understanding medical risk is key to US health reform

In our healthcare system, those in the best position to control risks and costs often have inadequate incentive to do so. Refining healthcare financing and reimbursement requires a deep understanding of the nature of medical risk.


Growing employer interest in innovative ways to control healthcare costs

Employers are showing increasing interest in new payment, delivery, and funding models. To capture the opportunity, payors must be able to target appropriate employers; educate employers, employees, and brokers; and demonstrate savings.


Enabling healthcare consumerism

Companies that can learn to understand, guide, and engage healthcare consumers, while inspiring their loyalty, have a significant opportunity to change the healthcare landscape.


State and private sector innovation and the future of US healthcare

Recently, McKinsey’s Center for US Health System Reform hosted an event in Washington, DC in partnership with the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, “State and private sector innovation and the future of US health care” to discuss ways to achieve effective solutions at the national and state levels.


What can states do to change key parameters of Medicaid?

In part I of this February 2017 conversation, Erica Coe and Stephanie Carlton of the McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform discuss this question with Thomas Barker, former General Counsel at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Ken Choe, a former Deputy General Counsel and Counselor to the Office of Health Reform at HHS. Mr. Barker is now a partner and co-chair of the Healthcare Practice at Foley Hoag. Mr. Choe is now a partner at Hogan Lovells.