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2017 exchange market: Pricing trends

Analysis of exchange premiums indicates that overall prices will continue to increase in 2017. Despite this, some consumers will see their premiums decline given the effect of government subsidies.


2017 exchange market: Plan type trends

Analysis of exchange plans indicates that a majority of carriers are continuing to shift toward managed offerings, and consumers will see less unmanaged plan designs available to them than in previous years.


2017 exchange market: Carrier participation trends

Analysis of exchange carrier participation nationwide indicates that the overall number of carriers has dropped below 2014 levels. However, a majority of markets will continue to have more than one carrier participating.


Understanding consumer preferences can help capture value in the individual market

As consumers gain experience purchasing health insurance in the individual market, their attitudes are evolving—and so is the market. McKinsey’s 2016 Individual Market Open Enrollment Period Consumer Survey reveals the changes.


Provider scale strategies: The evolving landscape

M&A remains an important option for health systems, but targets and strategies are shifting. While traditional economies of scale will continue to be a strong stimulus for M&A, providers will likely seek and achieve value creation much differently in the future.


Achieving ROI from EHRs: Actionable insights that can transform care delivery

Traditional arguments for EHR implementation such as efficiency gains and meaningful-use incentives are insufficient to maximize a health system’s returns on its technology investments. However, clinically and operationally oriented sources of value can generate an additional $10,000 to $20,000 per bed in annual margin.