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Bede Broome


Bede helps hospitals and healthcare systems provide better patient care while improving their operations. Taking a broad view of the factors that influence performance, he helps healthcare leaders tackle a range of complex challenges, including improving clinical operations, restructuring struggling hospitals, optimizing healthcare information technology solutions, and integrating new cutting-edge technology.

After pursuing training in medicine, Bede joined McKinsey in 2008 to help drive change across the healthcare sector. His first-hand knowledge of hospital culture and operations helps him address many factors that are critical to the long-term success of transformation efforts; namely, the people side of the equation, organizational culture, and the complex workflows that exist in healthcare today.

Bede leads our recruiting efforts at several California universities, including the California Institute of Technology and UC Berkeley. He is a frequent speaker at industry and company events on the future of clinical operations and the integration of technology into the evolving healthcare landscape.


Clinical operations excellence: Unlocking a hospital’s true potential