2015 Individual Exchange Filings

Real-time updates on emerging 2015 rate filings

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Risk and responsibility in a hyperconnected world

Three primary ways in which cybersecurity affects enterprises - and the healthcare industry, in particular.

Short take

Clinical operations excellence – unlocking a hospital’s true potential

Our experience with clinical operations transformations in more than 200 hospitals across the US and overseas has shown that high performers tend to execute five things well.


Reform Center video series: Exchange network

A close look at the public exchange network in 2014.


Reform Center video series: Public exchange landscape

With the first OEP concluded, this retrospective overview shows how the market landscape has evolved.

2015 Exchange filings

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Focus on: Operations

Engaging physicians to transform operational and clinical performance

Health systems (and health plans) that are serious about transforming themselves must harness the energy of their physicians. To do so, they must develop a true ability to engage physicians effectively.

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Healthcare is now the world’s largest industry—with a value and cost three times greater than the banking sector. We work with healthcare leaders to deliver better care, increasing quality of life and improving global outcomes.

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