One-on-one with Giovanni Colella, MD: Enterprise Healthcare in the Cloud

Businesses know the cost and benefits of every item they buy -- except when it comes to healthcare.

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One-on-one with Tom Betlach: Medicaid Sustainability

Eliminate fragmentation in the Medicaid delivery system, and you free up funds for other state spending priorities.


One-on-one with Mark Keim: Sustainability of Private Exchanges

Will private exchanges reach a tipping point by 2018?


One-on-one with Helena Foulkes: THINK CUSTOMER

Go big or go home. Plan for great. Use the power of purpose.


One-on-one with Rich Bevan: Healthcare Consumerism

Patients are becoming more like consumers of healthcare -- and they're expecting to be served like customers.

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Focus on: Operations

Engaging physicians to transform operational and clinical performance

Health systems (and health plans) that are serious about transforming themselves must harness the energy of their physicians. To do so, they must develop a true ability to engage physicians effectively.

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