The access imperative

Improving outpatient access can deliver a triple win for payors, providers, and patients.

Latest insights


Risk adjustment for retrospective episode-based payment

This article suggests guiding principles and proposed methodologies for risk adjusted episode-based payment.


Medicaid & CHIP enrollment update

Observations based on analysis of Medicaid/CHIP enrollment estimates through November 2014.

Short take

Should providers launch health plans?

Many health systems are considering launching health plans, assuming that because they can deliver efficient, outstanding care and superior customer service, they will succeed with a health plan. This assumption is not always correct.


Provider-led health plans: The next frontier—or the 1990s all over again?

By offering its own health plan, a hospital system may be able to gain a variety of advantages -- but the move is not without risks.


Exchanges year 2: New findings and ongoing trends

This brief provides a full view into the 2015 exchange landscape.


2015 Individual Exchange product information

State-by-state data and analysis on approved 2015 products offered on federal and state Individual exchanges

Focus on: Operations

Engaging physicians to transform operational and clinical performance

Health systems (and health plans) that are serious about transforming themselves must harness the energy of their physicians. To do so, they must develop a true ability to engage physicians effectively.

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