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2016 OEP: Consumer survey findings

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) third individual-market open enrollment period (OEP) came to a close in January, McKinsey’s Center for U.S. Health System Reform conducted its eighth national online survey to gather insights into how the individual-market and consumer behavior have evolved.


Why digital transformation should be a strategic priority for health insurers

Digital technologies and applications have the potential to markedly enhance a payor’s profits. Leadership from the top is necessary to overcome the organizational resistance to change that can make a digital transformation difficult.


The market evolution of provider-led health plans

Offering a health plan can give health systems an opportunity for growth, but it is not without financial risk. To benefit from this move, health systems should use a different lens to understand both consumers and risk, know where the best growth opportunities are, rethink their payor-provider interactions, and take advantage of integrated claims and clinical data.


Great customer experience: A win-win for consumers and health insurers

Our research suggests that improving customer experience could lead to significant financial gain, and that an approach beginning with a deep understanding of the consumer's journey could be the key to success.


Improving acquisition and retention in Medicare

When people get to the age of 75, chances are they’ll stay put—with their health plans at least. According to our Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) survey of 2,208 senior consumers, the Medicare population is a loyal bunch, and loyalty increases with age.


Breaking down the gender challenge

To make meaningful progress on gender diversity, companies must move beyond the averages and focus on the biggest pain points.