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Against the odds: How payors can succeed under persistent uncertainty

The US health insurance industry continues to be defined by uncertainty. The 25 articles in this compendium can help health insurers navigate the changes ahead.


Hospital networks: Perspective from four years of the individual market exchanges

An analysis of the individual market health plans being offered across the U.S.reveals that the trends toward narrowed hospital networks and managed care continue.


Why agility is imperative for healthcare organizations

A new concept, organizational agility, can help healthcare companies adapt more quickly to changing customer needs, competitor responses, and regulatory guidelines—without requiring a full-scale restructuring.


US health insurers: An endangered species?

Converging trends are disrupting the US healthcare industry. Health insurers are not likely to disappear, however, despite predictions to the contrary. Insurers that can take advantage of these trends are likely to find that their best years are ahead.


Looking ahead in Medicaid: Options for states and the implications for payors and providers

This paper explores opportunities states could consider to improve their Medicaid programs, both to control spending and improve the program's performance.


Distributed sites of care: At the tipping point?

Increasingly, consumers are seeking services at sites of care outside of the traditional health system infrastructure. This shift has important implications for how health systems think about their asset base and scale.